WP6: DHIL Testing Platform Development

WP6 aims at commissioning the DHIL testing platform based on the mechanical, electrical, techno-economic and environmental specifications defined relatively in WP2, WP3, and WP4.

Work package objectives

Giacomo Alessandri, VGA.
WP6 Lead: Giacomo Alessandri, IMPACT Exploitation and Innovation Manager, VGA.

The specific objectives of this WP include the design, manufacturing, fabrication and commissioning of the drivetrain test rig and of the structural components test rig. The activities also include the integration of the two test rigs to develop the DHIL testing platform.

Work package management

This work package is led by VGA. Giacomo Alessandri leads WP6 and holds the position of Exploitation and Innovation Manager. SINTEF Ocean will overview the rules and procedures adopted for the DHIL testing platform commissioning and will support in the implementation of Cloud systems for allowing remote data monitoring. Yavin Four Consultants and SINTEF Energy Research will help for eventual issues related to the integration of rigs and DHIL control software with the numerical models.

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