Europe-wide competence

IMPACT brings together cross-functional ocean energy and industrial engineering competence and testing facilities from five partners across Europe.


VGA is an Italian engineering company specialised in the design and development of complex systems and high technology prototypes such as test rigs, electromechanical actuators, storage solutions and control systems.

SINTEF Energy Research is a Norwegian not-for-profit research institute with great expertise in energy systems, smart grids and energy efficiency.

SINTEF Ocean brings an extensive focus on structural and hydrodynamic test laboratories, marine technology and biomarine research.

Both institutes are part of the SINTEF group, based in Trondheim, Norway.

Yavin Four Consultants

Yavin Four Consultants (Y4C) is a specialist engineering consultancy with unique industry knowledge and expertise in the wave, tidal and floating offshore wind energy sectors. The team at Y4C have a strong heritage in the offshore renewables sector, having worked for a mix of start-up and large engineering consultancies, leading technology developers and investment firms. The Y4C team have also played a leading role in a number of innovative research and development projects at European level.  

Being solely focused in emerging offshore renewables, Y4C specializes in applied innovation in projects across the globe. The core services offered by Y4C cover three topics – technical, commercial and strategic advice – at multiple project stages, from inception to completion.

MaREI is a research centre coordinated by University College Cork, with particular knowledge and expertise in the fields of laboratory testing as well as technoeconomic and environmental evaluation of ocean energy convertors.